I just spent this afternoon pondering and writing my dreams and goals for the next 3 years!  I am not much on New Year’s resolutions but figured writing down the dreams and goals that I feel God has put in my heart would go a long way to keeping me on track and centered!

God has opened up an amazing opportunity for me that I believe He sent me just because He has such high dreams and goals for me!  I am heady with the air from the mountain top He took me to when He showed me what His plans are for me!  Like scripture says “…More than we could ask or think!!”

I have always loved Jeremiah 29:11. As I wrote what He had dreamed for me and made them mine today I realized that I was peering out from my limited perspective into something much bigger than I am!


But you know I really like that about God!  And I am so ready to walk into it!  I have spent too long chained to the earth by my low self esteem!  But I will step out into the unknown now with the Lover of my Soul and the Creator of all I am or will be!

I will have to learn a whole lot more than I know now!  But I am ready!  God knows how to teach me better than any other instructor or professor I have ever known.  He has surrounded me with people who have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams!  This company that He led me to runs according to the principles of the Kingdom!!!  WOW!  I can’t say it enough!  God is SOOO GOOD!

I would never have guessed that a network marketing company would hold so much that I love about The Kingdom of God!  From my first contact with it until now the testimonies and praises to God have flowed with sincerity, and authenticity!  I have so much to learn but they have surrounded me with support and practical ideas and even prayers!

I will tell you more later but for now I am just happy I have completed writing my Dreams and Goals!

If you want to see what I wrote you can download this pdf!




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