Have you ever been really thirsty?  I have.  When I am dehydrated nothing works right in my body.  We can live a long time without food but we can die in 3 days without water.

My soul is often thirsty too.  So often we try to fill that thirst with stuff that doesn’t satisfy.  God tells us He has abundant life for us.  How would you define “abundant life”? Be careful because no matter how you might define it God has more than we would we could imagine!

I love this promise.  When I feel that my relationship with my  husband has entered a dry spell, I can take this one to God and tell Him we need to know how to water our love.  If I am struggling financially I can turn to this and then watch the heavens open up in a new way.    When my heart is hurting God knows that a gentle rain will wash away the pain.God will not be put in a box or in boxes!  He may ask something uncomfortable of you but He knows that the water that will quench your thirst, will also cause you to change and grow!

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