It is a time for seed sowing. Already my husband and I have enjoyed a spring harvest of radishes and greens. He also has peppers, tomatoes and onions in the ground.

It pays to know your seeds. Cause what you plant is what will grow. Our lives reap what we plant in them too. And in this is the secret of experiencing all the abundance of what the Kingdom of God has for us. We get to choose what seeds we want to grow.

Seeds are meant to produce abundantly. Just look at all the flowers one marigold plant from one seed creates! And even more the amazing number of new seeds! God intends that we be abundantly provided for! But we must choose the seed.

Perhaps this is why this verse talks about sowing in the morning and evening. After we are rested and awake we make better choices. At evening time we may be tired from the days endeavors yet our heart more easily reflects on all the day has brought. Our heart and mind work together during these moments and make our choices more balanced, with the ability to assess the results of the seeds we are choosing to sow.

Father makes plain His wisdom in the simple things in nature we can see daily. Amazing wonderful Kingdom of Heaven, Brilliant is the heart and mind of God the Creator of it all!

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