When I was a child I used to dream about being a hobo and riding freight trains to exotic and far-away places. However I did have a sense that it might not be the safest thing for a little girl to do.  The possibility of so many new places and so much excitement lingered as a desire.  I remember looking through my bedroom window in the house on the hill we lived in when I was 10.  The railroad track at the bottom of the hill had many trains with bright windows.  From my position on my bed I could barely see that well dressed people sat in the seats. Occasionally I could catch a small face pushed against the window.  I tried to imagine what it would be like to be able to afford to ride on that fine train and go to far-away places as the rhythm of the tracks clickety-clacked under me.

My dad and I loved to dream of travel too.  He called it “pipe dreaming”.  I don’t know if he realized that the term came from the wild and unrealistic dreams that happened when the opium pipes were smoked.  At the time I just knew that the maps and brochures piled on the bed lit up my imagination.

I never lost the desire to see new places and experience different cultures!  I longed to live to move on down the road.  Even today it burns.  Life always had other things to be done. And I had a bank account that couldn’t account for such frivolous spending.  Of course there were always freight trains…but then I would remember…It wasn’t safe.

“In all thy ways Acknowledge Him, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”  Psalms 37:4

Does God REALLY care about our dreams?

I sat in my recliner poring over the “camping vans” on the web page.  I remembered taking a couple of family vacations in custom vans.  It would be much easier now that I was divorced and my children were grown.

I sighed, my bank account still didn’t hold enough money for such extravagance.  Would it ever?

“God, am I being willful and rebellious to want something I can’t afford?”

I was surprised at the answer that I heard, “No, my child you are dreaming.  Just like you did with your dad as a kid.  I am your heavenly Father and you can dream with me too.  But kiddo, you need to dream a lot bigger than that!  Take a look at some Big RVs!”

“WOW!”  I thought.  “God does care about our dreams!”

And when God starts helping you dream, there is NO LIMIT!!  Oh the plans He has for me!!!  More than I could ask or think or imagine!  I don’t know everything about how I will reach those dreams but I do know that He is the way maker!

SO…He brought me a way!  It has already done some pretty amazing things for me!  And I am seeing and experiencing the rising up of hope and an action plan to make dreams fulfilled!

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