This seems like a huge challenge. As humans we tend to measure our worth by how well we do things compared to those around us and by standards set for us by our parents, our teachers, our society and by ourselves.

Here we see what the Kingdom of Heaven uses to measure our right to boast! But isn’t God beyond human understanding? Can we ever really KNOW God? So is this setting us up for failure?

The thing is, GOD WANTS US TO TRY TO KNOW HIM AND UNDERSTAND WHAT AND WHY HE IS DOING THINGS! That actually gives me hope and motivates me! God wouldn’t want us to do that if it was impossible! We know one human who did it well enough that he just walked into heaven! AND here is the first clue on HOW it is all accomplished! Genesis 5:24 says “And Enoch continually walked with God–Then he was not there, because God took him.” (TLV)

Have you ever walked a long time with someone? Have you ever taken a long trip with a group of people or just one person? By the end of the trip you certainly knew that person or group of people better than you did when you started out, didn’t you. You might have liked them better before you took the trip. Or you might gain a lot of love and respect for them you didn’t have before. But there is no denying that you know them better. AND they know YOU better too!

Walking with God means we need to let HIM lead the way. That starts with a conversation with Him. Agreeing to follow and then listening for Him to speak to us. It means taking steps in the direction He is leading us to go. Making choices that align with Him. When we walk with another human it is the same. If we don’t want to go where our traveling companion wants to go we will not want to travel with him or her. I love the fact that everything we do here on earth has a spiritual application. God has laid down in our human experience a symbol or picture of what it means to have a relationship with Him!

Do you want to UNDERSTAND AND KNOW GOD? Take the first step and tell Him you want to walk with Him! Then follow HIM! He will take it from there! You won’t be sorry!

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