Do You Know God’s name?

God wants us to know HIM by our relationship to HIM. So when we state who HE is to us that is His name! Each day look for His presence through His involvement in your life and State it outloud! And the Kingdom Flow will be increased in your life!
The Wicker Basket

The Wicker Basket

A Wise Grandpa I just got this in an email so many of you may have already seen it. The story touched me though and helped me understand that it isn’t so much what you hold as how you are changed that matters to God! The story is told of an old man who lived on...

Understanding and Knowing God!

This seems like a huge challenge. As humans we tend to measure our worth by how well we do things compared to those around us and by standards set for us by our parents, our teachers, our society and by ourselves. Here we see what the Kingdom of Heaven uses to measure...