Do You Know God’s name?

God wants us to know HIM by our relationship to HIM. So when we state who HE is to us that is His name! Each day look for His presence through His involvement in your life and State it outloud! And the Kingdom Flow will be increased in your life!


It is a time for seed sowing. Already my husband and I have enjoyed a spring harvest of radishes and greens. He also has peppers, tomatoes and onions in the ground. It pays to know your seeds. Cause what you plant is what will grow. Our lives reap what we plant in...
Expectations, Possibilities and Hope

Expectations, Possibilities and Hope

Expectations, Possibilities and Hope; How often these three things have cased trouble in my life I cannot say! Many times I have tried to sort it out to no avail. But this morning it was different, something came together in my mind and heart. Expectation is the stuff...