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This past weekend I was at a VASAYO meeting in Cummings,GA to hear Rex Crain. Rex is a nationally know motivational speaker, ex-Red Sox player and man of God.  He inspired us with new ways of allowing our heart and mind to begin changing so that we can step into the abundance God has for us.  You can see our team here.  I am in the red and Rex Crain is to my right.  Behind us is this beautiful and playful painting and toys to delight a child of any age!  I began to ask questions about the building and the work that was done here.  What I found is a ministry that is needed in EVERY county in this nation!

The ministry that is housed here is called SAFFT.  SAFFT stands for Supporting Adoption and Foster Families Together.  Here is a link that shows how they surround the child, the foster or adoptive family and the birth family with a blanket of services and support that results in the ultimate goal of family reunification and a new foundation!  SAFFT MODEL.  All those black dots around the middle circles show how SAFFT helps!  Amazing!

Click Here to to see them opening a new SAFFT in Hall County, GA

I spoke with Brian Anderson.  He and his wife  responded to God’s call to step into the gap between hurting families, hurting kids, foster and adoptive families and the Department of Children’s Services.  Humility, love and compassion shine in their eyes.  Tears form as they tell stories of the way God has used them to bring healing and hope to these vulnerable children and their families.  I couldn’t help but exclaim, “This is prevention for the human trafficking that is destroying so many!”


Watch the video below to understand better the need.

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REMOVED-Click the link below

Removed Part 1

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Removed Part 2

So How does SAFFT help out?

Here is a Testimonial Video from Jessica!

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.16.56 AM

Jessica’s Story-Click Link Below

Jessica’s Story

I Praise God for this beautiful couple and the Kingdom Love that flows through them to hurting people.  I invite you to learn more, visit if you are in northern Georgia and share the flow of resources God has given you to support their work!

You can do that HERE!

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